Heart of Worship seeks to serve other Christians like Jesus did - as a family. Faithful members enjoy a strong community of love and fellowship.  If you are seeking a church home and have no hidden agendas other than to seek God with fervor, then come be a part of our family! Heart of Worship is a non denominational churches near me seeking to serve other Christia

Let your heart of worship join ours!

Our goal is relationship - with God and one another. If you are not driven by a Sunday morning clock, have a hunger for worship, seek to model Jesus Christ in your life, and desire a family atmosphere ... then check us out!
Our Community
Growing Together
March began with a celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, a continuation of our study of Jabez and teachings from Pastor Charles to further strengthen our faith. Our Costa Rica planning for upcoming September Revival also occurs. Please keep this in your prayers!

God bless you!

This Month
There are many opportunities for fellowship and digging deeper into the pages of the Bible. We have both a hunger to know God intimately (as individuals and one unified family) and to worship God daily as a chosen lifestyle. View our event calendar for more details.
Heart of Worship Ministries