Daily Prayer

11-noon Monday through Saturday


Weekly Schedule

About Us

Sunday Worship Celebration at 10am
Our Objectives
Keep the focus on Jesus.
We will worship Him, exalt Him and embrace His Word.
Get out of God’s way.
We will seek to have no agenda other than His.
​Love God’s people.
We will do our best to FEED His sheep – NOT beat them. 
There are many opportunities for fellowship and learning together about God's Word.
Wednesdays 6:30pm
Each Wednesday evening various teachers lead small group teaching series or topical group discussions
Fridays 6:30pm
Each Friday brings more focused prayer support and break out sessions for "in depth" learning emphasis
Mondays 6:30pm
​Each Monday evening various teachers lead relevant topical discussions
To be a church where people learn how to live, worship, and grow spiritually.
Bible Study
Heart of Worship Ministries 
Our Mission
Our Vision

​Love God.

          Love People. 

                       Make Disciples.

Sundays  5:30pm
​Church service in Spanish for our Hispanic community